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Welcome to NorthernAdult’s home page and thanks for visiting (we know that searching for our name on the web can sometimes be hazardous!).. Mark Gandy and Rick Welton formed NorthernAdult over 20 years ago, having previously played in a number of bands in and around Manchester

We love writing our own stuff, and to kick start the process, we always start off with a few beers in the bar in the garden to get us in the right zone. There are covers in there too, which tend to get the NA treatment – Grungy guitars, strong beats and harmonies..

Mark Gandy (Guitar / Vocals)

Gibson Midtown, Fender Tele Custom, Firebird, Gibson J-45, plus others.. Pedals, Amps, Mics..

Rick Welton (Drums / Vocals / Guitar)

Gibson Les Paul, Telecasters, Martin accoustics, plus many others.. Pedal, Amps, Drums, Sticks!

Recent music from NorthernAdult

Passive Aggressive


Cobalt blue

  • Sessions Success
    Last week was a great evening at Band on the Wall for the RSM Sessions and was for me, in fairness, something of a relief > it’s great to have helped set the event up, but even better to have seen it go down so well. The venue was the perfect size for us, and […]
  • Top night at Band on the Wall in Manchester
    Great evening on Wednesday night at The Band on the Wall in Manchester, where NorthernAdult played a 45 minute set, as part of the annual RSM Sessions Gig in town. I negotiated a move from the Deaf Institute to BOTW this year to accommodate a much larger crowd (300+ tickets registered / 250 showed up […]
  • On the Record (Rick Welton)
    Birthplace : Stretford, Manchester at home ! Currently residing : The Happy Valley aka Bollington Musical past and present in one rambling run-on sentence : started playing guitar aged 8, had classical guitar lessons when I was 11 but didn’t last long as wanted to play rock guitar ! Started writing and recording my own […]


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NorthernAdult live on stage at The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London

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