‘Trick of the Light’ / New Music from NorthernAdult

“Trick of the Light” – New Music from NorthernAdult (listen out for the slide guitar in the middle – that’s Rick playing a tele with a bottle of corona!)

The song touches on the memory of my good friend and fellow musician, Jonathan Dare who sadly died in a motorbike accident in 1992. We started our first band together at school, and shared a stage together many times He lived on Leicester road in Hale, and had the attic room in his 20s.. when I’d call round for him, he’d often be smoking out of the window, with his music up loud drinking a beer.. most of his vinyl collection consisted of blues, rock and reggae, but we also shared a love of 60’s French music which he’d sometimes play to chill out..

can’t walk past the house without thinking about the fun times we had growing up .. great friend and a great musician.. sadly missed

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