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NorthernAdult have been together since 2006, and are a strong collaboration between, myself, Mark Gandy and all round musical genius, Rick Welton – we are both essentially guitarist, but regularly end up picking up the bass or drums to keep things varied and interesting. Having played in the same band in the nineties (Halfway to Handsome), the songwriting and performance process has really become second nature, so we can usually hold things together quite well..

Mark (ARS Studios)

We have access to a basemenet studio in South Manchester, where we record, play and produce a mix of old and new indie – some ours, some stolen. Over the years we have been lucky enough to play with many local musicians in and around Altrincham and south Manchester, and we take an open minded approach to collaborations, sessions and gigs. This means our Thursday evening ‘band night’ can sometimes see a mixture of old and new faces – however, the key priorities remain the same – few beers, make some great music, and loose some stess..  Some people spend their spare time watching the footie.. I’ve always spent mine, writing songs and playing guitar. Just feels right.

As gigs approach, we do of course, tighten up and focus – We have a great ‘live’ drummer, Stuart, and reheasals switch to twice a week. Our last performance was in September last year, at the night and day in Manchester.

Although we may well have been doing this for way too long now, we can’t seem to put the guitars down (!), so here you find us… chilled out and free to write and record songs that we love to play..  so, now you’ve been here once, why not send over your email address and we’ll notify you each time we have a new tracks to listen to, or gigs to announce. We’re also on twitter, so you can follow us there.

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